About Leslie Cosgrove

As a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, I had no idea where my art degree would take me. I was headed for Illustration when I stumbled upon a graphic design position in the recession of 1990 that was too good to pass up. We were encouraged to explore and "play" on the computer during the work day to find new solutions in design, to try to break away from the ordinary. It was a great time to explore and broaden my portfolio. This led me to more graphic design jobs at which I excelled and enjoyed.

My skills broadened as I helped to get our art department up to speed with computers at a time when offices where just starting to put a desktop on every desk. Being unafraid of breaking a computer, I found myself setting up user manuals and streamlining the design to print process. I encouraged the office to break away from typesetting. I also worked with the editors to create an online process rather than exchanging corrected printed pages thus reducing the anxiety of the designers having to retype the revisions. I suppose it was all good experience in the world of multi-tasking.

With a move to the west coast, my career took a sharp turn. I was coerced into web design when one of my coworkers left. I was given a few reference sites to get started and after only took 2 weeks and I was hooked. Each day was a new adventure, always some new trick, tool or software to make the work easier, quicker and flashier. I loved the pace and couldn't get enough.

So here I am creating web sites from creation to implementation. As an artist, I still love to design the user interface. Layout is so crucial to a web site, and graphics are important in the way they can help or hinder a site. And then there is the backend programming which has become my favorite part of the package. A web site takes both sides of the brain to create and fortunately I have the ability and love to do both the creative side and the logical side. At times it can be quite demanding, this is why I always keep a few good contacts in the design world to help speed up the process when the need calls for it.

My main objective is to help people get their information on the internet. There are plenty in it for the money, and yes, I do have to make a living too. However, I believe everyone should have access to the web. It can be costly and time consuming trying to start your own business. You want to find someone who you can trust will do a great job without talking over your head and charging extras fees. I love what I do which is how aieDesign came to be. I am always inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Japanese art. The Japanese character on my site, aie (pronounced "i"), is love. I love design, it's that simple. If you need someone who is talented, resourceful and committed to getting the job done, please look at my portfolio to see if I can assist you in your web site needs.

Thank you for browsing my site,


(aieDesign tries to cater to the needs of small to medium businesses in the US which have typically been overlooked due to over-pricing. I try to offer clients cost-effective and professional web design/development solutions as well as maintenance services.)